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10 Best Instagram "Healthies"

Have you yet discovered the beauty of Instagram? Don't miss out on this one on healthy food!

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The Science Behind Why You Should Keep Reading Print Books

Every time we move, my husband and I have the same argument. "Do we have to take ALL of these books?" (The answer is always a dirty scowl and a "YES!")

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Mog's Christmas Calamity

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Testimonials and Referral Notes

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Jeanie and Zhiyong (Director of Song Fa Bak Kut Teh)

I’d like to take this chance to thank Hendri for being there for us all these while. I remember vividly that i was so lost when my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. But Hendri was there at every step of the way. From the initial visit to the doctor to the first surgery to the second surgery and to the chemotherapy. Ensuring we get the best medical attention and reassuring us that we do not need to worry about the bills as my mum is fully covered. Claims are always processed at lighting speed! Being a client that just had her family policies transferred to you and you honestly don’t gain anything from it, you really didn’t have to do all these. But you still go out of your way to constantly check on us and update us about the claims. And i really appreciate it. Recently, when my little girl needed to be hospitalized because of a bad fall. I was alone in the hospital with a crying child while the nurses was asking me about insurance stuff and my husband wasn’t able to pick up the phone. I was helpless. I called you and you picked up the phone almost immediately and talk to the nurses. You even offered to come down to the hospital to assist me if i needed any help. I love how he is so genuine and reliable. He always put himself in our shoes and think for us when reviewing our policies. And i know my family is in good hands and i am forever thankful to have Hendri as my agent.

Nigel Chua, Director And Founder Of Phoenix Rehab

I'd like to thank Hendri Kamarudin, who has been helping me in advising my/my family's insurance needs since 2009 (bro, man, it's been that long! And more years to come!). To date, I think more importantly, is the 100% claims success rate where I have personally witnessed and experienced him "fighting" to ensure our claims are approved. Or to remove a particular exclusion. If you're thinking to get insurance or not to get, the answer is simple: you cannot afford NOT to get. Please get. It's insurance, and when you need it, you need it. You can't buy when you need it - you have to buy in advance and in anticipation. This year 2017 we had more health needs: Personal example #1: Earlier this year in 2017, we visited lovely Khao Yai, a 4-hours drive from Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately, on the last day, I got hit with a really bad gastric/stomach condition, and had 5+ days of diarrhea (self medicating during that time). 5th day, I visited a very experienced gastro consultant who warded me and treated me. Problem went away within hours (I know, I should have seen doctor earlier since I'm covered. Ugh). Total is $6k++, covered. Personal example #2: Again in his year itself, in 2017, I had to undergo a shoulder surgery that costed $23k++. I went to Mount Elizabeth Novena, got a very experienced shoulder surgeon Dr Ramesh from Centre For Orthopedics, got operated on, rested and got out. Covered and cashless. Personal example #3: Again, this year, when our little boy David was born, Hendri had actually BEFORE our kid was born, advised us to buy BUPA specifically for pregnancy. Result? $26k+ covered for our delivery in Mount E Novena with top notch gynae (Dr Arthur Tseng) of our choice. Total of the three personal examples would be $55k++. Our insurance cost? Definitely much, much cheaper than that. You know, because of Hendri, I am almost never worried about medical care and costs in Singapore, even when we travel. He has made sure that myself and my family has more than enough health coverage for all our needs that meets our lifestyle and budget. He is my de-facto go-to-guy for all things insurance. As a husband, father and businessman, I am most comforted to have experienced successfully claiming insurance when we faced health accidents, and that Hendri is always just a text away. Even when he's on holiday/weird timing - he replies! I've always told him that his job is one of the hardest job in the world, because he responds, checks and advises me what I need to know and do next for medical/health coverage, very promptly. He is truly a professional, accountable and trustworthy agent who's proven himself to me (and his other clients) again and again and again. And the speed that he works to get your claims through is unbelievable - many people are told that we usually take months to get claims approved and payout, but in my experience with Hendri: weeks. Fastest is 1-2 weeks. (Disclaimer: you as the patient/policyholder has to quickly get the relevant documents eg receipts, referral forms etc, and Hendri will "gently and persistently" chase you for them, so that he can quickly get it processed and claim for you so you can quickly claim - it's a good thing - he will follow up till your claims are approved/settled. *This is the key performance indicator, because he cares that your claims are approved and cheque paid out as quickly as possible) If you're not covered yet, or looking to revise or add to your insurance portfolio: I highly endorse and recommend that you connect with Hendri based on past performance, experience and outcomes. He provides such an important and precious peace of heart and mind for medical insurance and coverage. Hendri, you are a blessing to myself and my family for your top-notch health/insurance services. Thank you.

Li Chuan and Angeline

老实说,一向以来我不太相信保险。人到中年,生活负担自然很重,总觉得保费是能省则省。感谢主,认识了Hendri,我观念从此改变!他的专业和真诚,就不赘述了。事实胜过雄辩:除了例常的肠胃镜检查,我在过去3年做了心脏支架和缩胃手术,体重从100多公斤降到80多,所有的指标都正常了,让我有信心和体力面对人生的下半场。谢谢Hendri, 给我鼓励并第一时间帮我申请了赔付, 不然我是无法负担的。

Nigel Lim, Compliance Analyst of MNC

My friend recommended me Hendri’s financial advisory services, which is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. To me, he is a great advisor because he listens to your needs and recommends the most appropriate and value for money insurance plans and coverage to meet the needs identified. Despite purchasing polices through him, there were times that I had concerns whether my coverage is sufficient, but he would be honest to assure me that I do not need to purchase additional plans as my coverage was already adequate. I truly admire his Integrity and transparency, which gives me the assurance that he is a trusted financial planner that would not oversell you excessive products. Additionally, when I was not well last year and had to seek medical assistance, he was extremely helpful to provide step by step guidance to obtain the best medical attention that I can possibly get in the shortest timeframe. Not only that, he would often follow up to ensure that I was recovering well and would check whether I need further assistance. Truly he is an advisor that goes above and beyond his scope of responsibilities to offer his help and I am thankful to have known him. It is definitely highly recommended to consult Hendri trustworthy and reliable advice, especially for those who are serious about financial planning.

Shilin, Teacher, MOE

Thank you Hendri Kamarudin, for seeing through my numerous claims processes. Most comforted to know that you are always a text away. You have been the most consistent person I know and I'm so glad you are taking care of my kids & my claims! Since 12 years (?? Or more?) ago, I must have been your highest claim client? :) my accidents & hospitalisation... my kids A, B, C's hospitalisations too many to count. I've never worried about using my credit card at the hospital counter cos I know the claims cheque will come in my mailbox very soon after. People have told me that it would take many months to receive any claims from insurance companies, but all my claims came within weeks. I suspect you submit them the MINUTE i text you. Or it might be because you travel down to where i am the very day i receive the final bill. Or it might be because you call me every alternate day to check with hospital/mail box/company for a missing document that's necessary to speed up the claims process. Every cheque is important to you as it is to me. I've not worried about your efficiency cos you have not missed any single cent of claim I'm entitled to, every single time. This is such a precious peace of mind anyone can have. Only wish for the best for you because you SO DESERVE THE VERY BEST!

Lydia and Shuohan, Director and Principal, Curious Thoughts Academy

My husband and I bought our first policies with Hendri when we graduated from University. 10 years on, he's still by our side guiding us. We have heard of many horror stories of agents who quit leaving them stranded; but Hendri is very reliable and is always in touch and contactable no matter how small the claim amount. When I was hospitalised in 2014 for a double lung and kidney infection, Hendri helped us with the claims to make sure that financially we could cope with the hospital expenses. We highly recommend Hendri as someone who knows his financial products very well and who will never hard-sell or force a product on you that you don't need. No matter what product we need, Hendri is the first person we turn to.